Frequently Asked Questions about Bedford Medical Clinic.

Q: Do you need an appointment or can you just walk in?
A: Yes, you do require an appointment.

Q: Do you bulk bill?
A: We bulk bill DVA Card Holders and children 16 years and under.

Q: Do I need an appointment to get a referral?
A: Yes - it is a legal requirement that the doctor sees you to issue a referral.

Q: Do I need an appointment to get a script?
A: Yes. Script only appointments are available daily to accommodate your script needs.

Q. I love my doctor, but sometimes I have to wait a long time to see them. Can you call me to let me know if they are running late?
A: There are times when doctors may run late due to emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances. We encourage patients to phone and see how their doctor is running prior to coming in if waiting might be problematic, or if you live close to the clinic and it may be more convenient to wait at home.

Q. You have a Day Surgery facility - can I use my Private Health Insurance?
A: Yes, some procedures can be claimed through your health fund.  Conditions do apply. Please speak to reception staff for more details.

Q. I paid $95 theatre fee on the day of my surgery, now I have a Medicare cheque that is for the doctor. Why is the doctor being paid twice?
A: The standard $95 theatre fee paid on the day of your surgery only contributes toward the costs of sterilization, consumables, nurse assistance and utilities required for your procedure. Please be aware the theatre fee does not include the fee payable to the surgeon for your procedure.  

The outstanding amount payable for your surgery is paid for you either by Medicare or your private health insurance company once the histopathology of the lesion is received. 

It is the histopathology result that determines the billing for the procedure. Once the result is known, Bedford Medical Clinic submits this to Medicare on your behalf.  Medicare in turn, send you a cheque made payable to Bedford Medical Clinic to pay the doctor. When this cheque is forwarded to our Clinic, the process is complete.  

If this Medicare cheque is not sent through to our Clinic, an account is sent to you to finalize the billing. Often this is the reminder to forward the Medicare cheque on to our Clinic.

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