Travel Clinics

Bedford Medical Clinic is a proud member of Travel Clinics Australia.

Overseas travel requires careful medical consideration and planning. At Bedford Medical Clinic designated Travel Clinic appointments can be provided to help you with this.

Demand for Travel Clinic appointments are just starting to gather momentum as restrictions caused by COVID-19 ease.  Please call our reception staff on (08) 8276 5055 to arrange a suitable time.

Due to COVID-19 not all vaccinations are in stock yet, please contact the clinic for more information. 

Things requiring consideration prior to travel include:

  • Your previous vaccination history
  • Vaccination requirements
  • Safety information about the country
  • Emergency medication needs (gastro kits)
  • Preventative actions to keep you healthy while travelling

Finding out what vaccinations are recommended for countries you plan to visit can easily be determined by visiting the Travel Clinics Website where you can search by country. (Medical advice beyond this must be given in an appointment with a doctor due to medico legal reasons.)

It is also important to know a Yellow Fever Vaccination is an Australian Government prerequisite for re-entry into Australia after visiting certain countries. Bedford Medical Clinic is a licensed Yellow Fever Vaccination clinic.

Vaccinations can be started ahead of time, as some vaccinations require a course of doses to be given at set intervals over a few weeks. Even if time is limited before you leave, please seek advice and have the vaccines that you can before you go.

When arriving at your first Travel Clinic appointment it is important to bring any previous vaccination history. To assist, a helpful Pretravel Travel Clinic Form can be printed off, filled in and brought to your first appointment.

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