Better Weigh 4 Life

Weight Management


Struggling with weight can be one of the most challenging health battles we face. You may have previously won by finding a ‘quick-fix’ diet or shifting your busyness into ‘ramp-up’ exercise. However, you may then have been frustrated that the weight plateaued before you reached your healthy goal or, that weight started climbing back uninvited. Not only can these lifestyle shifts be hard to maintain but our weight may reach the level where it fights back even more!


This difficulty of achieving and staying at our healthy weight is now known to be a complex and chronic condition. Luckily, there is now scientific and clinical evidence which helps guide the use of effective treatment programs to achieve healthy weight, healthy body and healthy mind. 


Just as with many other chronic health conditions, keeping up a healthy diet and regular exercise is always useful. However, just like other conditions, achieving and maintaining our best health may also need medication, surgery, or both.  Your individual needs may be different to others and gaining detailed knowledge and understanding of your weight health challenge can help us be successful in tackling it with the most effective treatment plan. This is the focus of the “Better Weigh 4 Life” appointments in this clinic.


Your first appointment in “Better Weigh 4 Life” sessions will allow 45 - 60 minutes to go through your relevant history, needs and goals in the detail needed to help establish which pathway forward is best for you.  Further appointments can then be allocated for 15-30 minutes depending on your needs and preferences.


 It may also be useful to access additional health services, such as dietitian, exercise physiologist, physiotherapist, psychologist, and referrals to those with expertise in this field can also be organised.


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